QDION began its history in 2008 as a sub-brand of FSP in Russia, being founded by the Russian representative office of this company. From the very beginning and until 2018, under this brand, only ATX power supplies were manufactured at FSP production facilities. Since 2017, in order to provide Russian and CIS markets with a wider range of products competitive in terms of price/quality ratio, the Russian representative office began production of devices under Qdion brand at more large and qualified OEM factories in Taiwan and China, either for channel sales and for OEM ODM localization projects in Russia. As some customers among Russian system integrators begin to develop their business by arranging the sales of made in Russia solutions to Europe, Qdion is also participating in localization of energy supply products in Russia in order to help Russian partners develop appropriate OEM ODM solutions suitable for the whole Europe, and thereby expand the market for themselves even further.