During last 12 years 3Logic IT-Conference was held in different countries. In 2007 we’ve started this tradition from a rather small conference in Drakino Aircraft Club near Moscow, where there were 70 people, including suppliers and the press. Sincethatthe geography of the conference has expanded significantly - Morocco, Bali, Dominican Republic, Majorca, Turkey, Cyprus, Langkawi and others. Starting from 2010, we traditionally strive to hold the IT-Conference on the seashore in order to enable our Partners to communicate in an informal atmosphere and have time to feel the summer at a time when autumn has already arrived in Russia.

The purposes of the conference is: 
• Meeting with our partners, who come from all over Russia and the CIS countries;

• the opportunity to personally discuss the accumulated problems in a pleasant informal atmosphere, to exchange opinions, to revise scheme of the work;

• our partners communicate with our suppliers, learn about new products, promotions and marketing incentive programs, and not only;

• trip to our conference - it's a great opportunity to keep abreast of all the IT news.

During the informal part of the conference, all participants can enjoy the local nature, historical monuments, architecture, taste the local cuisine and engage in active sports. Every year we diligently approach the choice of the country, the hotel, the venues for the events, we try to find interesting educational places for excursions and entertainment.

This time, our choice fell on Mexico - the cradle of the ancient civilizations created by the Mayans, the Aztecs, and lost in the darkness of centuries - a beautiful and unusually mysterious country. Her landscapes shake the imagination of diversity and outer greatness.

We are waiting for you this year on XIIIth IT-conference in Mexico! 

DSC_2124_20141002.jpg 3Logic Mallorca 2012 084.jpg Белек 2018 130 человек.jpg 

Photos from the previous IT-conference you can see in the gallery.

Chronology and Geography:

2007 - IT-Conference at Drakino, Russia

2008 - IT-Conference at the yacht club Vodnik, Russia

2009 - IT-Conference at Konobeevo, Russia

2010 - IT-Conference in Turkey

2011 - IT-Conference in Morocco

2012 - IT-Conference in Mallorca

2013 - IT-Conference in the Dominican Republic

2014 - IT-Conference in Bodrum

2015 - IT-Conference in Cyprus

2016 - IT-Conference at Bali

2017 - IT-Conference on Langkawi

2018 – IT- Conference on Belek